Level Line Gutters

installing continuous aluminum gutters, custom copper and galvanized gutters throughout the Seattle area since 1977

West Seattle, Washington



Level Line Gutters – installing gutters with care and precision throughout the greater Seattle area for over 35 years

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Level Line Gutters installs K-line style continuous aluminum gutters, which we form on site to match the exact measurements of your home. This approach ensures a clean, smooth look and prevents possible leaks at gutter seams.

We also offer fascia and soffit repair when needed, and can convert built-in gutters to a continuous aluminum gutter system if desired.

1. Measure: “measure twice, cut once” is a good motto. On the day of installation, we take second confirmation measurements of all of your gutter sites before we even begin to form the aluminum.

2. Prepare: we carefully clean and prepare all installation areas to ensure a tight, leak-proof fit against your house.

3. Set up: our truck comes to your home fully equipped with all the necessary machinery and tools to form the continuous aluminum sheets into your new gutters -- right on site. We welcome you to watch!

4. Manufacture: each gutter is formed, cut and finished to match the specifications of your house.  All seams are sealed with industrial caulking.

5.  Install: Each section is installed according to the special expertise we have gained through 35 years of installation in a wet, rainy climate.

6. Quality Control Check: once all gutters, downspouts, scuppers and related parts are installed, we perform a careful and comprehensive quality control check to ensure the job is accurately and completely installed.

7.  Clean Up: our job is not complete until we’ve cleaned up all evidence of our installation. If your compost bin is handy, we’ll even put away any stray branches or greenery we had to remove during the process.

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